Our Association established the Hinkler House Memorial Museum in 1983 and laid down the outline of the Hinkler Hall of Aviation in 1984.  Our organisation is dedicted to the collection of memorabilia and artifacts associated with the life and times of Bert Hinkler.

Over 25 years,  we have assembled a significant and valuable collection of Hinkler related material, now held in trust by the Hinkler Hall of Aviation Memorabilia Trust.  This collection can be accessed by appointment.

Our Association specializes in the life and times of Bert Hinkler.  If you are aware of any related material i.e. photographs, artifacts, letters or other items referring to Hinkler, we would value your contact.


Our research and collection of Hinkler history spans a 25 year period.  Subjects of interest for our present research includes:

Our organization has, over the last 25 years, assisted graduates and students with their studies and published various papers and articles pertaining to the life and times of Bert Hinkler.

Your assistance with our information gathering programme would be greatly appreciated by our research association and all donated items are recognised and recorded to Museums Australia Guidelines.